She Flies With Her Own Wings

by Ghost of Monkshood

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released November 25, 2003

Produced by Chase Spivey & Chris McDaniel
Album art by Chris McDaniel



all rights reserved


Ghost of Monkshood Norman, Oklahoma

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Track Name: Electrodirt Voodoo
Electrodirt voodoo rising up inside you
estranged from the city with no cave to run to
I wonder where my mind went down in the basement
my soul is a chalkboard and someone erased it
I wander but I'm not lost
I fear no likely cost
one more step on the path
of a life not built to last

I met the one called blacky, then became his lackey
he said I was a fool and my style was tacky
I fancy a meeting however fleeting
with the one in charge of my heart's depleting
the son of a hyporcite mind
a brother to a world gone blind
why can't I take a fall
just to accept her call?
Track Name: Let Go
Don't make me civilized in your mind
I'm a child with a wild eye
hunting with stone daggers and gutting idle time
butchering conversations left and right
don't brand me an enlightened man
I'm just not complicated enough

There's no room to put on heirs
when the beast is around
lurking in my subway car

Can't keep me running now on no wheel for pets
I've broken out of the cage and I've hit the town
only food and shelter can concern me now
people watching to see if I drown
no expectation is gonna keep me down
I'm no trophy and I hate the race
Track Name: Stars
My stars go up and sun goes down
it's time to take a walk on a midnight town

No time is wasted, no time gone
I'm on a path to truth now and the street is long
I shiver as water runs down my neck
I'll be here for a long time
that's what uncertainty is all about
so I cut it out
Track Name: Intermittent Flashing Lines
Restoration...satisfaction...need retraction.
there was a time to run and it's passed along
we are distraction and attentiveness in one.

intermittent flashing lines
infinite being caught in time
Track Name: Little Scraps of Paper
Little scraps of paper, hoarding memories
leave them, free them, give your heart a break
if you believe them it probably needs the ease

Messed up in the attic, thinking like the hive
spread out, free them, gain the wasps support
by saying "Freedom" it's how to stay alive

Hard to make a living, try to rope you in
find one, work long, lose the charm and flavor
of your life song by singing it to win

Tells you what you're missing, speaking from a shrine
pardon, listen, easy to respect another mission
without betraying mine

So you're really angry, hard to move a thing
get up, try it, change up your routine or daily riot
and find a place to sing
Track Name: She
If she'd only say yes
I could dream of something else
high hopes need not run long
even lying, they're not wrong
hold me, love me, don't look away
it's been longer than I care to estimate
since we've loved

Dropping by in the night
conversations by straight lines
these talks are in my head
Auger's visions worn in bed
kiss me gently, meet me secretly
I'm half gone, please breathe life into me
with your love

Need me, want me, don't forget I'm yours
peel back all my layers in the center you'll find love
Track Name: Asking For a Day
I'm popping bubbles and I don't know why
I want to see you but I never try
senses playing dirty tricks
and this game is nearly done

I'm on my way, I'm on my way
another accident makes me a smiling fool

Why don't you let go
why don't you stay
I'm only asking for a day

Every time I try to explain
I feel a stinging in my brain
and the bugs can't escape
until I find a way

I never mastered delivery
my word choices are disgustingly
hung around your neck
like a common thug in heat

I'm on my way, I'm on my way
another accident makes me a smiling fool

Why don't you let go
why don't you stay
I'm only asking for a day

Every time I try to explain
I feel a stinging in my brain
and the bugs can't escape
until I find a way

Found out she is away
saving her mind for another day
asking her for a day
for us to get away
got all the time in the world
but I can't find another girl
who makes the sun not too bright
and brings a star into the night
Track Name: Velvet Skyline
The sky is falling, falling in love from seeing you.
Delight of senses left unexplored in our intimate time.

Oh, how we fell into that velvet skyline.
We reach for stars that we can't find alone.

The act is pouring, flowing from us and speaking so clear.
The time is precious, left to itself it would run out on us.

Oh, we have sunk into a clinging marshland.
Try to be free, but we are hopelessly sewn.
Track Name: Windshine
Breathe in tight, hold your mind inside
have you ever heard the wind shine?

Row after row of unsightly windows
address themselves in strident tones
far from the maps edge lies a place
where the wind makes it's home
I'll follow the breeze to you
hiding from the sun

Succulent womb under the sheets
(sunshine deep yellow)
we're born in the dawn's arms
(outside soft movement)
by and by this love too will fly
to stay free from imagined harm
together alone in the gentle breezes
twinkling hearts in winter freezes
we're two in one hiding from the sun
(complete fulfillment)

breaking into a night filled with passionate dreams,
we'll make love in the trees, the wind's time has begun.

I'll follow the breeze to you, hiding from the sun.
We'll make love in the trees, the wind's time has begun.
Track Name: Two Rivers
Two fingers slip inside
two smiles that used to hide

But situations always get between the love that we were dreaming of but we couldn't find.
Until a random conversation when a path was chosen where we could justify ourselves.

Two rivers forming one
the forest hides her rising sun
Track Name: Stonewalling
Something wrong, something gone.
Decided so long ago...

No fault of mine
just let me find another place to hide

From the past a frail light dissolving me into it's mystery.
Only time could tell the highway's spell.
Freedom's eyes, blind and deformed.
Another space to find life, delusional.
No fault of mine
just let me find another place to hide
and I'll go in secret.
No old thoughts left upon my shelf.
Track Name: By the Sea
In two years where will I be
in a house on a hill by the sea
with pebbles and stones to hold
the chilly water helping me grow old
the days there will float along
like a dock cast away far too long
grateful seashells play
all the storm clouds have their say
and every grey day is a miser
but a truthful one I'm told

As time flows the ocean goes
like a friend here and there
so you know, the sea spray wets my hair
cold and dismal are a likely pair
I drink tea to warm myself
fluctuations in my health
I'll catch a cold and then
walk into the shallows again
and as the night falls
there's a lighthouse beam to which I'm drawn
Track Name: Willow
Please try to explain, don't underestimate the cost
I'm lost and fear is quietly finding me under our broken willow tree
Hoping that this night will pass
A gasping breath from a hollow past

Please break free of time
don't leave me alone tonight
it's not right to ignore the love that you preach
and leave me sighing just out of reach
to interrupt the flow of she
would certainly mean the fall of me