Cito and the Almond Bear

by Ghost of Monkshood

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released October 21, 2003

Produced by Chase Spivey & Chris McDaniel
Album Art by Chris McDaniel



all rights reserved


Ghost of Monkshood Norman, Oklahoma

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Track Name: Searching for Apollo
Sunday comes with a smile
but leaves me out of reach
Can I be redeemed?

Define me, define me
or is this just preformed reality?

Laughter ends with a tear
that dries before it lands
burned out by the sun

Please don't think, please don't think
that I am only a light to your mind
Track Name: Cito's Lullaby
I'll whisper if you tell me
I'll make no noise
I'll speak softly if you'll take me
and lead me home

I'm no one but not nothing
please make me whole
I'll let you if you break me
but don't let me go

I'll find a way on my own
I'll carve a path next to the road
you can drop me
I don't need you
I'm fine on my own
Track Name: Treetop Tea
Going fishin for gathering my friends
I'm gonna hang out until the ends of time
up in the trees we go where we please
everything we do is what we do best
if you don't like it you can take a rest
with my friends down in the dirt and the mud
doing our best in the canopy
friends for lunch and a little tea
trees for brunch where the eye meets I can't see
the air is rich but the breeze is free
running from the children
up in the air with the animals
up in the trees
every day is like a holiday
love springs from the month of may
the first time we shared the rain
in the light green afternoon
keep it livin, keep it long
breathe the breath of the evening song
mother mind will tag along
mind your manners and do no wrong
do no wrong
Track Name: I Can't Help but Smile
When the sky drops it's gaurd
and let's the angels fall, fall, fall
they'll see you curled up in a ball, ball, ball
making a crater in flames

I can't help but smile all the time
but you, you're not mine

Grinning all day long
laughing to a daydream song
that no one else can hear
and you're nowhere to be found

I can't help but smile all the time
but you, you're not mine

Feelings cup brimmed over with swill
looking at your picture makes me ill
while all the time shredding our styles
weeping up a storm to drown our smiles

I can't help but smile all the time
but you, you're not mine
Track Name: Colony
They came to make a difference and they have changed quite a bit. The planet unfolds like paper, one surprise after another. Our spirits burn like paper as we remember what we left behind. Three day sunrise as a reminder, we've become aliens and profiteers. We sought and now we've found new gods and strange tides. Who knows what this world will hold. We're starting to learn what it won't. We insist on pretending to be what we're not. To create something monstrous and beautiful, a civilization of savages. Order is forgotten, peace is suspended. We grow like weeds and block out the sun like trees. If we only knew where tomorrow would take us. We waist all our time building beds to sweep our problems under while our brooms break and our dustpans flounder. We create a feedback loop of chaos and resolution, so eager to blame with a guilty smile. We're deviant children with no mother to scold us. We fuck like rabbits. We raise our children like toasters and that's what they become. We burn the world, ice melts, babies plunder, a riot of exhaustion fills the streets. Assembly line erections, digital love connection. We are the new oxygen merchants with caffeinated drones. We auction our souls to the highest bidder. Taste of virginity like bleached sugar. Sober revelations can't match the incarceration level. We're killing our friends, we're killing our lovers, we're killing our children, we're killing our parents, we're killing our gods and killing our world. We no longer think of what we will inevitably destroy. We took to the skies for a brighter future. The dream was stillborn.
Track Name: It's Time
Every morning rolling out of bed see past my eyes a blinding sun pours in my mouth instead it's time it's time it's time to wake up and get things done again.

Beat that ache and clear that mind begin confused still dreaming find that place where wake and dreaming end and hold to it as long as you can remember when.

Now the day bleeds on and here I am distracted again but distraction serves one noble end: to make us what we are, celebrating each destructive wind.

Now the day has bled it's time for bed cast off your mind and bind yourself to what's deep in your head it's time it's time it's time to face sleeping death by giving in.
Track Name: Lung Lizards
I'm only half as wise as I want to be
incinerate this suggestion
I wander in peace, I wander in ignorance
dance off the edge

Sounds of truth in latin tongues
push me over the edge
dance off the edge
Track Name: Singing to Myself
Singing to myself
cause nobody else
will listen to the songs that I sing

Singing by myself
at home on a shelf
in the middle of a cold, long night

Singing in the park
alone in the dark
when all I really want is someone else
Track Name: Wait
Something went wrong a few eons back, who knew which pools were which? But the sludge is done it was ripe and fecund, we were up in the trees which are now only stumps having left off our tails, an unforgiving icing on the cake.

Blast it all, we came down for good. We set up shop and laid back, now we're blasting them all with our toys and hearts ripping limbs from our souls feeling nothing but coal and sewing the lands with grief.

Never in time did we catch a break. It's not in our nature to try. We need problems to solve and solve them we will, turning swamps into gold, tearing meat off of bones and stealing the mother's milk.
Track Name: Take Me to Oz
Take me to paradise, a far cry from my chaotic life.
Take me to Oz.

Lift me up, spin me around, float onto the neon ground.
Make me smile and hold me close, characters I love to know.

This path is laid before me, you walk me along
hold my hand, really understand.
Wizards in green help me see that love is always all around me.

Om Shanti Om
Track Name: Baton Rouge
No one here sees me
no one ever tries
but light falls from your star when I touch your soul

Can't bring back love's first garden
don't try or you'll see
light fell from your star
now your star's gone dim and cold