On the White Horizon

by Ghost of Monkshood

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released February 13, 2004

Produced by Chase Spivey & Chris McDaniel
Album art by Chris McDaniel



all rights reserved


Ghost of Monkshood Norman, Oklahoma

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Track Name: Sigma
I'm on fire
asked for a ride
didn't know what I'd find
in your sky

I'll track you down under my sense of time is inclined for your mind to be found out of sight, think of mine.

I feel used
trapped and abused
I think I've almost gone
into the fog

Wrap me up
tie me down
keep me from getting out
I'm just too loud
Track Name: It's Possible
I want to know the way to bear my soul
floating in the twilight, I can't deny my own lies

It's possible she cares about me but I can't see it
Defiantly, I still believe no one can save me

Hey there, don't look me over like I'm lost and blind
just you remember what you said we had
Track Name: Backburning
I can't decide. I can't rely on what's inside. Is it just my luck I was stuck with a mind of mud and a heart of lead? ______ to believe and don't judge what comes of this too harshly.

I can't go on fifth-guessing every song and creating a memory which on the whole destabalizes me, so my watchwords keep moving on, whether they're right or wrong.

Wouldn't it be nice, if I could put it off... backburning time away. But I couldn't keep myself together anymore. And it's alright to break, if you know it's for the sake of hanging on. I can't stay once I'm done.

For the sake of mine, for the sake of yours. We read into this far too much for nada. What a sight, let's make another right or wrong, until we're gone.
Track Name: Friends For Life
They play in the leaves, they sing songs.
They cook together, they even dream together.
They are friends for life, they'll always be close.
No doubt about that.

They arrange the home that they build.
There is work to do but it's fun to do.
They are friends for life, they'll always be close.
No doubt about that.
Track Name: Psychosis Smile
The devil's stolen smile warms this cozy piece of home.
It's heaven with a higher price, these demons don't just want your life.

What doesn't kill you can get you higher.

Psychosis smile, psychosis smile
trade your mind for a new sense of time
Track Name: It Was a Kindness
Butterflies are swarming through me
all those smiles that do it to me
I just want a smile to stay
one to last me for a day
it was so kind of you to notice me
it made me feel so weightless
as though I'd fly off alone were I not next to you

It was so lucky to have noticed you
before it was not earthly to have imagined myself
resplendent with your love
can't come back from where I've gone to
it's a place where I adore you
your caress is where I'll lay
until you move that's where I'll stay
Track Name: Killswitch
From the start it could fall apart
making the day
mapping the way
in our mind's mind
in a symphony of white we delight

Waking to the same sun
back to the horizon
it looked at me wrong
what could I have done
time is a commodity
there's never time enough for me
there goes the sand
it's out of my hands
feeling like a maniac
I have to plan my attack
it's me versus one who slobs like the sun
obey my own authority
i love that i can leave me be
to get things done
whenever you run
Track Name: Then Door
I'm everything at once
you're in between it
emotional frequencies that we'll never see

Take all that you want
take all that you know
take all that you are
and throw it out that door

You keep it inside
you keep it protected
you know what's inside of your perfect mind

Never alone
always lonely
never alone
but you're not really there
Track Name: Freeform the Rain
Freeform the rain, keep life at arm's length
don't ever think that it's all in the rain
now slight of mind, know that whatever's done changes everyone in a way so deep there's no way to know

No way to know, though there's no way to know

There's a path worth trying, never justifying, cause you know here at home what everybody grows is in the bones, it's a wordless message, don't interrupt with a so-and-so, but don't let go cause there's no way to know

No way to know, though there's no way to know
Track Name: Bad Luck Penny Blues
Walk to the store and saw a penny on the ground
Get a little closer, I see that penny is facing down

Is this a sign? Oh Lord what should I do now?
Look at the crazy penny with my one raised eyebrow

I put it in my pocket and it burned a hole straight through
Guess I'll keep moving on, what else can a penniless man do?
Track Name: The Wilds of Her Mind
In her mind there is a cave
I've tumbled around in there for days
wrestled with serpentine waves
in the wilds of her mind

In her mind there is a spider
and it's trapped me in a silky web
I'll be eaten soon I fear
in the wilds of her mind

In her mind there is a place
very certain I will die there soon
in a darkened place that used to shine
in the wilds of her mind

In her mind there is a splinter
pouring into me and all my kind
we are one and serve to break her fall
in the wilds of her mind
Track Name: We Are One
Hey there, do you laugh at all?
I do, I know you used to

We are one, never undone, never alone
Turn on your mind, come be my day, I'll be your sun

Once when I smiled you did too
You're still in there, I see you

So don't be alone, find a new friend, someone who knows
never look back, give yourself but be your own track

I'll be standing in the last place that you would look for me to be waiting
in the slow lane of your memory, I'll be wearing the same smile that you knew from me

Hey there, I heard things are well
that's more like it, stay and tell
cause I am your friend, someone who cares, someone you know
tell me of love, tell me your woes, I'll help you grow
Track Name: Beautiful Town
There's nothing wrong in this beautiful town
(I walk around just singing this song)

Can it be wrong?
(Candy road)